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Mobitelc: what inspires us?
We do believe that technology drives economic, social and human development. Our conviction is that it is more than a lever. 
Our experience working at different continents led us dreaming about the contribution we can do, beyond understanding technology and business to create value.  It also happens by interacting with many individuals at different societies, exchanging views and experiencing the potential of collaboration.
Let’s build together your next success story!

OUR FOCUS  We work on telecommunications (mobile & broadband), sustainability, technology for development and innovation for the BoP.

OUR ROLES  Strategy Consulting, Business Development, Project Management, Solution Management.

TOPICS WE WORK ON Mobile communications, Internet, Development, ICT4D (e-government, ICT socio-economic impact, private-sector & development, smart cities, open data), M4D (mobile citizens, mobile money), business models for the Base of Pyramid (BoP) are some of them.

We help you out on initiatives to evaluate business opportunities, potential scenarios, risks & rewards.  Our goal: creating value. Our assets: International experience, fact-based analysis, asking the right questions.

We do research and exchange ideas about the impact of Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) on Development at global & local levels

Development Consulting

Considering a new Project?  Our expertise in Project Management & Solution Management at emerging countries gives us confidence to take your project at any phase and secure a successful execution with high quality, keeping at sight your deadlines and controlling your budget.